SEPA Direct Debit in your webshop

With SEPA Direct Debit in your webshop you can receive recurring payments as contributions for sports clubs or monthly costs for a hosting provider. Many consumers value this payment method for recurring payments. Accept SEPA Direct Debit in your webshop with DigiWallet as your internet checkout. In order to provide you with good service we also offer, besides SEPA Direct Debit, other payment options.

The advantages of SEPA Direct Debit

  • Suitable for all SEPA-countries
  • Frequently used payment method for recurring payments
  • Safe and trusted payment method for your customer

The advantages of DigiWallet

  • All payment methods in a transaction overview
  • Technical Support
  • Several useful solutions for free: E-Giro collection, E-Invoices and E-Plugins.

Why SEPA Direct Debit?

Do you sell products or services on the basis of a subscription? SEPA Direct Debit is the payment methods for recurring payments. Your customer authorizes you to automatically debit a certain amount. This amount is automatically transferred to you every month, for example. This way your customer does not have to think about his or her account and the amount is paid on time. 


What is SEPA?

SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is an initiative of the European Union and joint European banks to make payment transactions within Europe safer, more efficient and simpler. Previously, there were various payment systems. In 2014, there was one standard payment system for collection and transfer, calles SEPA. This means that the banks of the countries that are affiliated to SEPA (28 countries form the European Union and the countries Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway and Switzerland) all have an IBAN number on their payment card. As result, more efficient payment transactions between countries. Where it took a long time to transfer money abroad, that is happening now. Furthermore, the costs of payments are the same in all countries. In other words, the payment differences between the international borders have disappeared. All this ensures that the European economy can grow more easily.

Why DigiWallet?

There are a lot of factors when you going to start a webshop. The payment process is an important part. DigiWallet helps you with that. With SEPA Direct Debit and our other payment options you will stengthen your webshop and give your customers an enjoyable experience during the payment process.

With your DigiWallet account you can add and manage your organization(s). Order details, statistics, test surroundings, payment methods and many other data can be found in your DigiWallet surrounding. DigiWallet ensures that SEPA Direct Debit and the other payment methods are technically linked in your webshop and that the transactions in your DigiWallet surrounding are insightful.

Direct debits

In order to activate incasso for your organization, we need to realize a number of matters, including an agreement. For this you pay one-time € 125, = administration fee. You will then pay a transaction fee per payment based on the average number of transactions per day.

Pricing per successful transaction(*)

  • 0-2 transactions per day average

    € 0,25

  • 2+ transactions per day average

    € 0,25

  • 20+ transactions per day average

    € 0,25

  • 100+ transactions per day average

    € 0,25

  • 150+ transactions per day average

    € 0,25

(*) Average daily transactions are calculated over the past 7 days. If the average order value is below € 9,95, there will be an additional fee of € 0,10 per transaction.


  • U heeft 24/7 realtime toegang tot alle transactiedetails
  • Uw klant kan het bedrag terugboeken na de incasso. Als dat gebeurt worden extra kosten van € 0,45 in rekening gebracht.
  • Amounts less than €25 (€50 if you have a foreign bank account) are held in custody by the Stichting Derdengelden until the minimum credit has been reached. 
  • You receive your revenues monthly, 30 days after the end of the month from the trust.
  • Your proceeds are secured via de Stichting Derdengelden (just like a Notary). Your money is 100% safe.

Step 1

Create a DigiWallet account or login

Step 2

In order to add the SEPA Direct Debit  payment method to your account, a link must  be established between your webshop and DigiWallet. This link is made by implementing our SEPA Direct Debit API.

Developers API

Program the SEPA Direct Debit API

Also suitable for less experienced programmers.

It is advisable to use someone with prgramming knowledge to program the SEPA Direct Debit in your webshop.