Pay / checkout plugin

This plugin makes it possible to accept payments through DigiWallet in Magento 2.2 (or higher). You only need to install this plugin to accept all payment methods of DigiWallet in your store.

What do you need before you can install the Magento 2.2 plugin?

From iDEAL to AfterPay almost anything is possible

The Magento extension of DigiWallet not only adds the standard payment methods, such as iDEAL and Credit Card. In addition to these payment methods, the DigiWallet extension also offers AfterPay which your visitors can pay afterwards in your webshop. View all payment methods below

More about the Magento extensie from DigiWallet

DigiWallet is the Magento Payment Gateway and delivers the most popular payment methods for your Magento webshop. By adding multiple payment methods you can easily increase the number of orders and customers. With over 22 years of experience in online payments, we can process your payment orders quickly and safely.

iDEAL for Magento

Although there are more and more alternatives, iDEAL remains the number 1 in the Netherlands. If your Magento webshop focuses primarily on the Dutch market, then iDEAL is an essential part of your life.

AfterPay for Magento

Many visitors choose iDEAL, yet there is a major disadvantage to this payment method, the visitor pays in advance. That is why AfterPay has been developed. With this the visitor pays afterwards. The Magento Extension from DigiWallet also adds AfterPay to your Magento webshop.

Credit Card and other payment methods

In addition to iDEAL and AfterPay, with this extension you can choose from several payment methods. Offering multiple options ensures more orders and customers. For example, not everyone has a so-called reader for the bank, but may be able to pay with a Credit Card. Without the Credit Card payment option, this customer would have gone to another web store. Therefore, always offer alternatives.

Quick start with DigiWallet

Use all available Magento Payment methods by installing the extension. Is it not working? No problem, DigiWallet offers clear documentation and installation assistance. Create a free account today.

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