Strengthen your webshop with Bancontact

Bancontact is the payment method that you need in your webshop to serve the Belgian market. With DigiWallet you can easily and safely add Bancontact to your payment options in your webshop. in order to provide you with good service we offer you, besides Bancontact, a variation of different payment options. In this way you will have all your payment methods together.

The advantages of Bancontact

  • The most used payment method in Belgium
  • All payment are guaranteed and cannot be cancelled
  • Bancontact is known as a trusted and secure payment method

The advantages of DigiWallet

  • You only pay fees for the successful transactions
  • Technical Support
  • Several useful solutions for free: E-Giro collection, E-Invoices and E-Plugins.

Why Bancontact?

Everyone in Belgium can pay with Bancontact. The Belgian banks issue a payment card when opening an account. With this card you can pay by standard with the payment method Bancontact, both online and offline.

Safe and secure

Your customer pays via Bancontact with his or her own Belgian bank. The environment of internet banking radiates 100% confidence and security for your customer. This leads to more sales. All payments made via Bancontact are guaranteed and cannot be canceled, so you are assured of the payment.

Payment possibility

In addition to the standard online payment, Bancontact also offers the possibility to pay with the Bancontact app. This gives your customer more freedom and convenience.

Why DigiWallet?

There are a lot of factors when you going to start a webshop. The payment process is an important part. DigiWallet helps you with that. With Bancontact and our other payment options you will strengthen your webshop and give your customers an enjoyable experience during the payment process.

With your DigiWallet account you can add and manage your organization(s). Order details, statistics, test surroundings, payment methods and many other data can be found in your DigiWallet surrounding. DigiWallet ensures that Bancontact and the other payment methods are technically linked in your webshop and that the transactions in your DigiWallet surrounding are insightful.


DigiWallet does not charge startup or monthly expenses. You only pay a transaction fee per successfully received payment based on the average number of transactions per day.

iDEAL Pricing per successful transaction(*)

  • 0-2 transactions per day average

    € 0,25 + 1.75%

  • 2+ transactions per day average

    € 0,25 + 1.50%

  • 20+ transactions per day average

    € 0,25 + 1.25%

  • 100+ transactions per day average

    € 0,22 + 1.00%

  • 150+ transactions per day average

    € 0,15 + 1.00%

(*) Average daily transactions are calculated over the past 7 days. If the average order value is below € 9,95, there will be an additional fee of € 0,10 per transaction.

Pay out Sample:

Payment by your customer   € 10,=
Transaction cost fixed -/- € 0,15
Transaction cost variable 1% -/- € 0,10
Transaction cost Tax 21% -/- € 0,05 *
You will receive Nett on your bankaccount € 9,70
(*) When your organization has a valid TAX number, you will receive the Tax back from the Tax Authority.


  • U heeft 24/7 realtime toegang tot alle transactiedetails
  • You receive your revenues weekly, with a one week delay, on Monday from the trust covering the previous 7 days.
  • Amounts less than €25 (€50 if you have a foreign bank account) are held in custody by the Stichting Derdengelden until the minimum credit has been reached. 
  • Return amounts to your customers can be entered at any time via the back office of your DigiWallet account. The transaction costs for a return amount are €0.25 excluding VAT. Every Monday and Thursday we ensure that your customer gets his or her money back in the correct bank account. 
  • Your proceeds are secured via de Stichting Derdengelden (just like a Notary). Your money is 100% safe.

Step 1

Create a DigiWallet account or login

Step 2

In order to add the Bancontact payment method to your account, a link needs to be established between your webshop and DigiWallet. You can do this in two ways:

Webshop Plugins

Link the Bancontact payment method to your webshop with one of our available plugins.

Available plugins

Developers API

Link the Bancontact payment method easily to your own webshop by programming the API.

Program the Bancontact API

Also suitable for less experienced programmers.

It is advisable to first check between our available plugins before you start programming the API immediately. Not a suitable plugin for your webshop? Then you can use the DigiWallet API. You do not have to be an experienced programmer for this. Our TechSupport will be happy to help you if you have problems with programming the API. While we approve your account, you can enter the test surrounding via your DigiWallet account. This way you can test your webshop to see if the programmed Bancontact payment method is working properly.